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College Gameday Crew says Butch Jones is close to losing locker room

They came out swinging again.

Tennessee v Florida Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Another week, another segment on College Gameday about Tennessee head coach Butch Jones. Last week the Gameday crew poked some fun at him for his criticism of the media. This week they turned their attention to the players, namely Marquez Callaway.

David Pollack said this. “The players aren’t protecting him anymore. Marquez Callaway this week, you’re talking about a tweet that he retweeted of somebody basically saying who is the worst coach in college football? And he retweeted it.”

Callaway didn’t actually retweet it, but he liked it. Of course Vol Twitter found it.

“Y’all know. Y’all know as well as I do. If you lose the locker room, that’s a wrap,” Pollack said. Corso chimed in with this. “You can lose games, but when you lose your team, you’re gone.”

Tennessee offensive tackle Marcus Tatum responded to the segment with this tweet.

Marquez responded with this.

Elsewhere in the twittersphere, sophomore receiver Tyler Byrd had people buzzing over this tweet, which you can interpret for yourself. Byrd didn’t record a catch against Georgia.

Jeff George also sent this earlier in the week, around the time of the rumored fight.

There’s some obvious issues happening here behind closed doors. With so much outside noise this week stemming from a brutal shutout loss at home, you could feel the tension building.

Obviously, next week’s game against South Carolina is a massive moment for Butch Jones. It’s do or die. It’s also against Will Muschamp, who Butch has yet to defeat. The Gamecocks looked stout today in a blowout win against Arkansas, but who knows what you’ll get next weekend.

After that.... It’s a trip to Tuscaloosa.