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Current, Former players react to Tennessee firing Butch Jones

Some were sad, some were mad, some were happy.

Southern Miss v Tennessee Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Reactions from all directions poured in as the news broke that Tennessee was moving on from Butch Jones. Former and current players took to Twitter to show support, disappointment and even excitement.

Jarrett Gurantano

Eli Wolf

Shawn Shamburger

Trevor Daniel

Marquez Callaway

As for some of the former players.... well it was a different story.

Albert Haynesworth

Erik Ainge

Jayson Swain

Haynesworth has been leading the Gruden train and contributor to the never ending grumormill. You knew he’d be thrilled.

Swain’s comments were fascinating. It seems like we see this everywhere after a coach is fired, though. Suddenly the flood gates open and we learn what was really going on behind the scenes. If any part of that is true from Jayson, that’s pretty alarming.

It’s going to be interesting to see who else steps up and shares their behind the scenes stories. I’m sure those aren’t finished yet.