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Jon Gruden mentions Rocky Top, Knoxville on Seattle Radio

He’s either really interested, or the biggest troll of all time.

Buccaneers v Falcons Photo by Erik S. Lesser/Getty Images

We are living in peak grumors season.

Today, Jon Gruden made an appearance on Seattle’s ESPN radio station. He mainly stuck to Seahawks talk, but then — out of absolute nowhere — Gruden went off on a tangent talking about Knoxville and Rocky Top.

Watch the moment below.

It was especially odd if you had listened to the entire interview. It just didn’t fit at all. The hosts of the show mentioned after that Gruden had specifically asked them to steer clear of any questions regarding coaching openings.

Then he drops that comment.

Here’s my take — Gruden is either really interested and seriously considering the job, or he’s the biggest troll of all time. There’s no in between here.

I’m a firm Gruden skeptic still, but he’s now gone out of his way to churn the rumor mill. If he ends up turning Tennessee down again as most believe, Gruden may just become public enemy number one around these parts.