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Peak Grumors: Gruden falsely spotted at a Knoxville Restaurant with Peyton Manning

He was in Seattle the whole time!

Buccaneers v Falcons Photo by Erik S. Lesser/Getty Images

Did we hit peak grumors tonight? I think we did. November 18th, 2017 will go down as the night that we were all duped by a BBQ restaurant.

It all started with a picture of Peyton Manning. That wasn’t the news though. It was the back of a guy’s head that was sitting with him. Yes, really.

The back of this guy’s head kinda sorta looked like Jon Gruden and people RAN with it.

A couple of people started “confirming” it. By now, you know how this goes. The interesting part — the part that got everyone believing — was a confirmation from Calhoun’s management.

After the word spread and everyone bought it, of course it all came crashing down.

Calhoun’s was even forced to put out a statement on the matter. Yes, a BBQ restaurant was the source of news on an item in the search for a new Tennessee head football coach.

Finally, we got some concrete information from an ESPN public relations guy. Gruden was in Seattle the whole time! Of course he was, he has a game to call up there on Monday night.

Unreal. Nobody does a coaching search like Tennessee does.