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Report: Chip Kelly to choose Florida or UCLA

A big domino is about to fall.

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So it looks like both Florida and UCLA began their searches by offering Chip Kelly. Mark Schlabach of ESPN is reporting that the former Oregon head coach will decide between the two schools in the coming days.

Schlabach says that Kelly is not expected to consider any other openings. It’s interesting to me that Kelly didn’t generate more interest from Tennessee. Though Kelly did have some NCAA hurdles to clear. Kelly was hit with an 18 month show-cause penalty shortly after he left Eugene.

Most seem to think that Kelly will opt for the west coast gig at UCLA, which would put Florida in a predicament. Scott Frost has been the other name attached to Florida, but reports in recent days have been linking him to Nebraska.

Where would the Gators turn to if they swing and miss on both?

I’d guess Dan Mullen and Willie Taggart would headline that next tier. Maybe even Charlie Strong gets in the mix. That’s a far tumble from Chip Kelly in my mind, though.

We’ll monitor how this plays out, but if Kelly says no to Florida, Scott Stricklin and John Currie are going to be barking up some of the same trees. That would make for a fascinating — and crucial — next few days.