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Report: Jauan Jennings’ issues at Tennessee went deeper than Instagram video

There was more to the story.

NCAA Football: Ohio at Tennessee Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

As suspected, we didn’t get the entire story on Wednesday night on the dismissal of Jauan Jennings. Brady Hoke made the shocking announcement on Nashville radio during an otherwise routine interview.

This morning, Jimmy Hyams gave us some details to the story. It turns out that things went much deeper than the expletive filled live Instagram video. The video seemed to simply be the final straw.

Read this from Hyams.

But Jennings broke his wrist in the season opener against Georgia Tech, had surgery, and then went AWOL.

He didn’t come to practice.

He didn’t go to the weight room.

He didn’t rehab in the training room.

He didn’t attend most games.

Some teammate, huh?

He also didn’t consistently go to class, putting his eligibility in question.

Jennings was gone so long from the team, Tennessee cleaned out his locker, believing he had quit, sources said.

Before the season opener this year, Jennings was a no-show at practice. A UT player was summoned to find him; Jennings was found in his room, stoned.

Believe it or not, there’s more. Hyams reports that Jennings was able to return to practice on Tuesday and had a shot to play in the finale against Vanderbilt. However, Jennings apparently wanted a shot to play quarterback. When that wish wasn’t granted, Jennings exited practice and recorded his now infamous rant.

On Wednesday, he stormed off the practice field because UT wouldn’t let him play quarterback. He wasn’t told to leave. He departed because UT wouldn’t let him play his high school position!

Jennings had been curiously absent since his injury against Georgia Tech, raising plenty of questions and rumors. It appears that his actions simply added up to a point where the staff had to make a move.

It’s unfortunate for both parties. Jennings was one of the top talents on this roster and a big potential piece for next season, but this report is pretty damning. Sounds like Tennessee AD John Currie and interim head coach Brady Hoke didn’t have a choice, assuming all of the above is true.