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Report: Mike Leach has a ‘very good shot’ at being offered Tennessee job

Interesting update.

NCAA Football: Stanford at Washington State James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Things are starting to heat up in the search for a new Tennessee head football coach. We have another update from Football Scoop. Scott Roussel is reporting that Mike Leach is a very real possibility for Tennessee. Here was his quote from his report.

The buzz in the profession the past 24 hours has been that Mike Leach seems to have a very good shot at being offered the position.

The expectation from those we’ve spoken with is that Leach would accept the position if offered. We can further add that sources tell FootballScoop Washington State officials have had internal discussions about their plans should Leach move on (in addition to Tennessee, Leach could be wind up being a target at other SEC schools as well).

The timing of this is interesting, considering the reported trip of John Currie to the west coast earlier in the week. As Roussel notes, Washington State will punch their ticket to the Pac 12 title game with a win tonight, which could delay things. Washington State lost to Washington last night, ending their regular season.

Leach would certainly bring a potent offense with him. His stops at Washington State and Texas Tech have proven that. After a brutal offensive year, that would be a welcomed sight in Knoxville.

The knock on Leach would undoubtedly be his ability to recruit, but he’s proven that he can win without top level classes. Maybe that’s an area where Leach could improve upon in Knoxville.

Leach is 56 years old. He’s amassed a 122-79 record at Texas Tech and Washington State.