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Florida finalizing a deal with Dan Mullen, per report

Everything is coming together.

Mississippi v Mississippi State Photo by Butch Dill/Getty Images

After Chip Kelly and Scott Frost reportedly turned Florida down, their search turned towards Dan Mullen. Things escalated quickly with Tennessee in the picture, but the Gators are apparently close to sealing the deal.

I smelled trouble for Tennessee with Mullen when the UCLA job opened up last weekend. It played out right before our eyes. It seems like John Currie got left out in the cold.

Mullen will now hop into the SEC East, becoming one of Tennessee’s primary enemies. He will be tasked with an offense that has struggled dating all the way back to the Will Muschamp era. Luckily for he and Florida fans, that’s his wheelhouse. His work with quarterbacks is unrivaled, which was his main appeal for me.

Tennessee had to go to their backup plan, which turned out to reportedly be Greg Schiano.

We’ll update this post as details emerge.