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Report: Tennessee will not hire Greg Schiano after unprecedented backlash

Stunning day.

NCAA Football: Illinois at Ohio State Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

In what was an absolutely wild day, Greg Schiano will not be the head coach of the Tennessee Volunteers after all. Schiano was reportedly set to take the job this morning, but things fell apart after Tennessee fans absolutely melted down on twitter. Former players joined them.

Trey Wallace is now reporting that the deal is off. confirmed it here, citing “unprecedented fan backlash.” They also note that Currie is expected to address the media in the near future.

The issue with Schiano was his involvement in the Penn State controversy. Fans made their voices heard. State representatives made their voices heard. The reaction to this hire ended it before it was even official.

“They’ve spooked them all,” said the source regarding the fan backlash on AD John Currie hiring Schiano. “It’s a feeding frenzy here now. It’s been a total uproar in this state. You have legislators, some big-time players who have gotten involved. It’s a hot mess." (Via Sports Illustrated)

This was truly unprecedented. It’s going to be fascinating to see how John Currie comes back from this, if he can at all. I’m interested to know what happened here with Schiano. How did things progress so quickly? It wasn’t like the Dan Mullen situation where you were fighting with Florida. Everything felt unnecessarily rushed. With legitimate expectations of landing a top candidate, Schiano was an immediate kick in the teeth.

Now, where on earth does Tennessee go from here? That’s the million dollar question. We’ll try to figure that out, but I’m going to catch my breath first.

UPDATE: ESPN reports that the two sides had a signed a memorandum of understanding.

The memorandum of understanding was signed by both parties Sunday in Columbus, Ohio. But when news broke that Tennessee was close to finalizing a deal with Schiano earlier Sunday, there was public outcry among Tennessee fans, with people citing his alleged connection to the Jerry Sandusky era at Penn State.

UPDATE: Football Scoop is reporting that Schiano’s side will seek compensation.

Greg Schiano’s side, we’re told, is seeking compensation in connection with breaking the agreement.