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Report: Mike Gundy to meet with Tennessee AD John Currie in Dallas

This sounds serious.

Oklahoma State v TCU Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Following Jimmy Hyams’ report which linked Mike Gundy to Tennessee, Oklahoma State’s 247 site is now reporting that Tennessee will meet with Gundy in Dallas.

Here’s the direct quote from Go Pokes.

Go Pokes knows that Gundy will meet with Tennessee athletic director John Currie at 11 a.m. this morning (Tuesday) in Dallas. Gundy was in Oklahoma City recruiting on Monday and was asked by Tennessee to meet on that day but, Gundy told them he was busy. The two parties agreed to meet Tuesday in Dallas. Tennessee, after the debacle after trying to hire Greg Schiano, is in a desperate mode to come up with a suitable football coach for their program and fan base.

If Currie goes from Greg Schiano and falls into Mike Gundy, would that qualify as the biggest comeback victory in Tennessee history? I think it just might.

Gundy got the Oklahoma State job back in 2005. It took him three years of building, but the Cowboys have been a model of consistency since. Gundy has failed to reach nine wins just twice since the 2008 season. He has a chance to finish with 10 wins for the third straight season with a bowl win this year.

Oklahoma State has been in the national title picture a few times, most notably 2011. The Cowboys finished that season 12-1, ranked number three in the country.

Obvious things are obvious — this would be an absolute grand slam for Tennessee and John Currie, especially after the events of Sunday.

UPDATE: Brett McMurphy says Peyton Manning called Gundy to pitch Tennessee.