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Tracking Tennessee’s pursuit of Jeff Brohm

Lots of conflicting reports.

NCAA Football: Louisville vs Purdue Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Things have gotten interesting since the initial report of Jeff Brohm to Tennessee by Jimmy Hyams. Purdue reporters and just about everyone in the national media have pushed back on this tweet.

It appears that there have been discussions with Brohm and Tennessee, but he’s been on the road today recruiting. Follow all of the happenings here. We’ll update this post as the news rolls in.

UPDATE: John Brice reports that Brohm has not told Tennessee no officially, but he didn’t agree to the new terms of the deal. Apparently Chancellor Davenport and Currie were not on the same page.

UPDATE: Dan Wolken says Currie has been in North Carolina the whole time!

UPDATE: says Tennessee has moved on from Brohm.

UPDATE: UT source says the Clay Travis tweet is false.

UPDATE: Clay Travis reports this, which is just shocking if true.

UPDATE: From Football Scoop...

The chatter from coaches across the land over the past two hours has been that Jeff Brohm is more likely to agree to a new contract at Purdue than to jump to Tennessee at this time.

UPDATE: Feldman says nothing is imminent.

UPDATE: Here’s the latest update from Chris Low.

UPDATE: Hyams is sticking to his guns.

We will keep you posted on the latest.