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‘Fire Currie’ chants break out during Tennessee’s basketball game on Wednesday

Crazy scene.

NCAA Football: Tennessee Press Conference Wade Payne-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee men’s basketball team is pretty good. They’re probably going to end up going to the NCAA tournament. However, they were the sideshow on Wednesday night in Thompson Boling.

(They won by the way.)

Fans once again made their voices heard after multiple attempts at hiring a new head football coach have been botched in one way or another. From Mullen to Schiano to Gundy to Brohm — Tennessee fans are tired of being told no, understandably so.

After today’s events surrounding Currie, Chancellor Davenport and Jeff Brohm, fans could be heard chanting “fire Currie” at every opportunity. Listen here.

Tennessee knew this was coming and they reacted to it.

Tennessee fans weren’t stopping with just Currie either. Chancellor Beverly Davenport caught some love here from a fan with a sign.

Fans later moved on to who they wanted as their next coach, unsurprisingly clamoring for Lane Kiffin. The dynamic here with Lane is fascinating. There is a segment on this base that has totally latched back onto Kiffin, even after his infamous departure.

Former Tennessee quarterback Tee Martin even got a chant. The current USC offensive coordinator has yet to be contacted by Tennessee to this point, but plenty would take him and run.

What on earth does tomorrow have in store for us?