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Report: VFL Coordinator Antone Davis resigned due to “intimidation and bullying” from Butch Jones

Strong allegations from Davis.

Outback Bowl - Northwestern v Tennessee Photo by Mike Carlson/Getty Images

Earlier this week, VFL coordinator and former Tennessee Volunteer Antone Davis resigned from his position. Tennessee confirmed the news on Wednesday with a press release. Davis had held the position since 2012.

According to a report from 247 Sports, Davis was forced to drive to and from away games, which was a change from the last few seasons.

This season, according to sources, he was made to drive to and from away games if he wanted to travel, after flying on team charters in the past. Davis was only allowed to travel, sources said, if he supplied his own travel arrangements.

This morning, Jimmy Hyams was able to shed a little more light on the issue — which was directly tied to Butch Jones, according to Hyams. Here are some snippets from emails that were sent from Davis to Currie.

Former Vol Antone Davis said he submitted his letter of resignation Oct. 31 as VFL coordinator after six years because he endured “constant intimidation, bullying and mental abuse’’ from Tennessee coach Butch Jones.

Davis said that working under Jones “has been one of the worst work experiences I have ever had.’’

“I want you to know that I am not leaving Tennessee because I want to,’’ Davis wrote in the email. “I am leaving because I must. My biggest regret and fear is that I am leaving behind student-athletes and co-workers that may be subjected to the same treatment I have received.’’

Davis didn’t give specifics, but Hyams reports that he had come to Tennessee AD John Currie with concerns back in September. Things obviously did not get better.

Just throw this on the list of things going against Tennessee and Butch Jones right now. As if a 3-5 record and a four game losing streak isn’t enough, we’ve got the Brett Kendrick situation and now this.