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College Football Recruiting: Four star QB Adrian Martinez flips from Tennessee to Nebraska

This one hurts.

SB Nation Recruiting

The rash of decommitments continue. Over the past few days we’ve seen three decommitments from Brandon Cross, Michael Penix, Jamarcus Chatman and Tanner Ingle. Go ahead and add quarterback Adrian Martinez to that list.

The problem here for Tennessee was Scott Frost. Nebraska came hard after Martinez, offering him a proven explosive offense and the chance to play early on. He received in home visits from both Tennessee and Nebraska, getting to know each staff. Frost won rather quickly.

So in the matter of a couple of hours, Tennessee went from two quarterback commits to none. Michael Penix decommitted this afternoon. Will Pruitt and company get in with any new faces? You would think that they would have to at this point.

That’s a storyline to follow as Pruitt tries to pull this 2018 class together.