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Report: Austin Thomas not joining Tennessee’s staff after all

Strange turn of events.

NCAA Football: Tennessee at Texas A&M Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Nothing is easy when it comes to hiring people at the University of Tennessee, apparently. A report from 247 Sports said that the LSU general manager was leaving Baton Rouge for Knoxville. After numerous confirmations, everyone assumed the deal was done.

Not so fast my friend. If we’ve learned anything over the last month, it’s to assume nothing, no matter what you read or who reports it. Bruce Feldman is now reporting that Thomas will not join the Tennessee staff after all, citing “title and responsibility” as the reasons why.

Rumors circulated yesterday that this may be the case.

This was totally out of left field, being that everything we had heard this this point told us that Thomas wanted to be at Tennessee. Thomas started in 2008 at Tennessee under Fulmer and is a Nashville native.

He was widely praised by the media for his recruiting efforts and was thought to be a major steal for Jeremy Pruitt and company.

We’ll keep you posted on any details that may emerge.