Patience, patience, patience. A word that most football fans don’t have the patience to hear.

Recruiting and valuing recruits are big business in college football. Whether players are rated by "stars" or "points", off season recruiting programs are as competitive as the regular season in some respects. For UT fans, the past few years have been dominated by what the fans interpret as very solid recruiting classes thus providing much optimism for the next season. Many fans find the recruiting grade much ado about nothing. You decide.

Below is a ranking of the past 5 recruiting seasons from the SEC. From a Vol fan’s perspective it may not be quite as dominating as you think.

Source: 247 Sports----uses a numerical value for recruits.

Alabama finished 1st not only in the SEC for the past 5 years but 1st in national recruiting.

Along with Bama, the SEC has placed 2 teams in the top 3 Nationally 4 out of the past 5 years.

Over the past 5 years this is the average recruiting value per team in descending order within the SEC

1: Alabama 315.24

2: LSU 289.48

3: Georgia 279.92

4: Auburn 270.79

5: Texas A&M 260.79

6: Florida 259.79

7: Tennessee 253.25

8: Ole Miss 250.33

9: S Carolina 227.64

10: Arkansas 217.34

11: Miss St 216.69

12: Kentucky 205.19

13: Missouri 196.50

14: Vanderbilt 182.92

Two days before the first ever NCAA early signing period for 2018, Tennessee ranks 48th nationally and 12th out of 14 in the SEC besting to date Ole Miss and Arkansas. This means UT is last in the SEC east. The "good news" with 11 committed players at this moment is that UT ranks 6th in the SEC in the average "star" value per player.

Obviously the Vols will add players to this class. The point however is not just about this year, but the fact that the Vols have not recruited as well in past years relative to other SEC teams yet the fan’s expectations have stated otherwise. Has UT’s mediocrity over these past several seasons been attributed to bad luck or coaching either on the field or the ability to coach players up?

Coach Jeremy Pruitt may provide some answers…in the meantime, have patience.


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