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Tennessee fans were at the Pac 12 title game asking Tee Martin to ‘come home’

Tee Martin

Remember the ‘Fire Butch’ movement? Signs that read just that popped all over the country as Tennessee fans tried to get the administration to pull the plug. Now a similar movement is happening.

Fans were spotted on the Pac 12 broadcast last night sporting signs supporting Tee Martin’s potential return to Knoxville. The ESPN broadcast even mentioned the search during the game, saying that a ‘30 for 30’ will be made on this coaching search one day.

This morning — after Martin and the USC Trojans won the Pac 12 Championship last night — Tee recognized the Tennessee fans on Twitter.

Bruce Feldman notes his success at USC and his status with Tennessee fans and former players.

With Phillip Fulmer now leading the charge to find Tennessee’s new head coach, you have to think that Martin will be in play in some form or fashion. To this point, Martin reportedly has not heard from Tennessee. Just a guess, but I’d bet that changes over the next couple of days.