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LINKS: Vols Hire Former Michigan Coach Brady Hoke

Butch continues his quest to complete his Lloyd Carr pokedex, Lady Vols in the Top 25, and more- it’s your Tuesday links!

Michigan v Indiana Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

Morning folks. Well, the offseason staff reshuffle promised by Butch Jones appears to be drawing to a close: according to multiple reports the “Best football staff in the country” will add former Ball St, SDSU and Michigan head coach Brady Hoke as defensive line coach. Hoke will replace Steve Stripling, who at 63 is moving on to an off-field role.

It’s tough to know exactly what to make of this hire; on the one hand, for a position coach, Hoke brings an impressive resume and a national reputation. On the other hand, that reputation is mostly his shambolic tenure at Michigan (including trying to get Shane Morris killed [link has language]), followed by an even more disastrous comeback attempt last season as Oregon’s defensive coordinator. I mean, look at this:

Brady Hoke Defensive S&P+

Year Team Role Defensive S&P Ranking
Year Team Role Defensive S&P Ranking
2005 Ball St HC 98
2006 Ball St HC 108
2007 Ball St HC 79
2008 Ball St HC 25
2009 SDSU HC 74
2010 SDSU HC 44
2011 MIchigan HC 23
2012 Michigan HC 29
2013 Michigan HC 50
2014 Michigan HC 13
2016 Oregon DC 119

That said, Hoke will be coaching the line, not running the defense, and is highly-regarded nationally as a recruiter- his classes at Michigan ranked 21st, 7th, 5th and 31st. We’re not really sure how much an impact a career coach on an apparent rehabilitation tour can make short-term, but it’s certainly worth a mention, and promises some upside if Butch can put together a strong season next year (and keep Hoke from running off to HC some directional school after).

In more than a few ways this feels a lot like the DeBord situation; and while that hire can’t be fairly called a disaster, after last season’s disappointments and an underwhelming recruiting class, it’s getting tougher to give Butch the benefit of doubt that “Random Michigan Man™ Butch Is Comfortable With” is automatically synonymous with “good hire.” What yall think?

One thing that will certainly not make Hoke’s job easier: in a tweet Monday, former 4* Sophomore DE Andrew Butcher confirmed that due to injuries he will be be taking a medical scholarship exemption, ending his playing career:

Blutcher redshirted in 2015, and sat out last season due to injury. Hate to see this, and best of luck to Andrew in his next chapter.

The Lady Vols suffered a grueling double overtime loss Sunday to Georgia 81-78, due to very familiar turnover- and “make Diamond and Mercedes do everything”-related problems. But their recent string of victories (capped by last Monday’s fantastic win over #4 South Carolina) was enough to end their nine-week AP Poll absence, as the Lady Vols come in #24 in this week’s poll.

Happy Tuesday!