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What Teams Would Be A Good Fit For Josh Dobbs?

Several teams need a quarterback now, but the chance to learn from stars on their way out could be a better option.

Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl - Nebraska v Tennessee Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

Derek Barnett and Alvin Kamara are still expected to be the first two Vols taken, but no one has helped themselves more since the end of the college football season than Josh Dobbs. A player even some optimistic Vol fans weren’t sure would be drafted a year ago is now trending toward the second or third round.

Being taken that high would be a significant accomplishment for Dobbs, but if you want him to be successful getting a good fit is more important than being drafted higher, especially at quarterback.

Whether it’s the second round or the fourth round, what would be the best and worst spots for Dobbs to earn a meaningful NFL opportunity?

Established Answers

  • Atlanta (Matt Ryan)
  • Carolina (Cam Newton)
  • Cincinnati (Andy Dalton)
  • Detroit (Matt Stafford)
  • Green Bay (Aaron Rodgers)
  • Indianapolis (Andrew Luck)
  • Miami (Ryan Tannehill)
  • New England (Tom Brady)
  • Oakland (Derek Carr)
  • Seattle (Russell Wilson)

These would be good opportunities for Dobbs to learn from some of the game’s very best, but the only way he’s getting time with the ones with any of these teams in the next 3-5 years is if the starter gets hurt. There’s certainly some room between Brady and Tannehill, but all of these guys are proven over multiple years and viewed as the franchise’s long-term answer with the dollars to back it up.

Young Hopefuls

  • Buffalo (Tyrod Taylor)
  • Dallas (Dak Prescott)
  • Denver (Trevor Siemian)
  • Jacksonville (Blake Bortles)
  • LA Rams (Jared Goff)
  • Minnesota (Teddy Bridgewater)
  • Phildelphia (Carson Wentz)
  • Tampa Bay (Jameis Winston)
  • Tennessee (Marcus Mariota)

This group is less proven than the first, but each franchise is heavily invested in finding out if they can join them. There’s a chance Dobbs could earn an opportunity in the next few years with one of these teams, but it would require a significant disappointment from the heir apparent.

Uncertain Situations

  • Chicago (Mike Glennon)
  • Cleveland (Brock Osweiler/Cody Kessler)
  • Houston (Tom Savage/Brandon Weeden)
  • NY Jets (Josh McCown/Christian Hackenberg)
  • San Francisco (Brian Hoyer/Matt Barkley)
  • Washington (Kirk Cousins)

Cousins is far more proven than the rest of this list, but his contract situation makes Washington a wild card this weekend. The others are a mix of one-year contracts, new additions, and last chances. They also represent four of the top six picks; Houston made the playoffs and Washington threatened last year, but the others need more than just a quarterback to right the ship. For Dobbs and the rest of this year’s QB class there are immediate opportunities here, but also an immediate opportunity to suffer. Caution required.

Watch and Learn

  • Arizona (Carson Palmer)
  • Baltimore (Joe Flacco)
  • Kansas City (Alex Smith)
  • New Orleans (Drew Brees)
  • NY Giants (Eli Manning)
  • Pittsburgh (Ben Roethlisberger)
  • LA Chargers (Philip Rivers)

The past-their-prime all-star team. Chances are one of these dudes won you a bunch of games in fantasy football in the last decade. But Brees is 38, Palmer 37, Manning 36, Rivers and Roethlisberger 35. Flacco and Smith are both only 32, but with less production than the elder statesmen on the established answers list I felt like they were a better fit here. Being drafted by one of these teams means you’re sitting for at least a year or two, but you’re also learning from all-stars and getting an opportunity to be the future down the road. The uncertain situations would be more exciting this weekend, but if Dobbs gets a shot with any of these teams it might be better for his long-term prospects.

Which teams do you think would be the best fit for Dobbs?