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Josh Dobbs Drafted by Pittsburgh in Round 4

The Steelers take a look toward the future.

Tennessee v South Carolina Photo by Tyler Lecka/Getty Images

This is a great fit for Dobbs: Ben Roethlisberger is 35 years old, a setting where Dobbs can learn from a two-time Super Bowl champion in an excellent organization, but he does not have to be depended on right away. His chances of NFL success are much higher in a setting like this one than having been taken by the likes of Cleveland and expected to play right away.

The Steelers get a guy who will answer plenty of questions about aerospace engineering, and a guy who rewrote the Tennessee record book for rushing yards by a quarterback. But Dobbs is also a better passer than he ever got credit for. In Tennessee history only three quarterbacks have ever thrown for 8+ yards per attempt, 60+ completion percentage, and 25+ touchdowns in a single season: Peyton Manning and Heath Shuler in their final Heisman-runner-up seasons, and Josh Dobbs last year.

Congrats to our quarterback, who helped turn Tennessee’s program back in the right direction, and now will have a chance to be the future for a team whose present is still plenty good.