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Breaking Down Quinten Dormady’s Orange and White Game Performance

The junior quarterback dazzled Neyland Stadium with a big time performance.

NCAA Football: Tennessee Tech at Tennessee Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

I know this post is a bit late, but I wanted to go back to the Orange and White game to take a look at just how good Quinten Dormady was. The quarterback race is far from over, but I think we can all agree that Dormady put a little distance on Jarrett Guarantano for the time being.

Dormady started off his day with three easy, take-what-the-defense gave him type throws. Two five yard out routes to Jauan Jennings and Ethan Wolf seemed to get him in a groove early. A quick sit down route to Jennings against bail coverage kept the chains moving.

Then Dormady pushed the issue down the field to Ethan Wolf. It was a wheel route that he trusted his 6-6 tight end to come down with. He noticed the safety come downhill pre-snap, so Dormady likely assumed man coverage at that point. Notice the pick coming from the slot receiver.

From there, it was all on Wolf. Dormady put it just out of reach of the defender and Wolf made a nice play on the ball, falling just short of the endzone. I don’t think this rep went exactly as planned with the safety avoiding the pretty obvious rub route, but it worked out.

To finish the drive off, Dormady came back to Jennings for a third time in the series. This is easy money. Jennings gets away with a little push off here, but I’d guess this is a bread and butter play for the offense on the goal line. Anytime Jennings gets one on one coverage, you have to take advantage.

I think the most impressive part of Dormady’s day was how comfortable he looked. He was in total command, which hasn’t been the case in some of the live game action that we’ve seen from him to this point. Of course, this was the first real long look that we’ve had.

Here you see a little pocket presence. Dormady is able to step up and avoid the rush to extend the play. He eventually finds an open man, delivering an accurate strike on the move.

Dormady finished up the day with another wheel route, this time to Ethan’s little brother Eli Wolf. He just goes over the top here with a soft lob, leading Wolf into the checkerboard.

I realize that he was playing in a quarterback friendly environment, but you had to come away impressed with what you saw from Quinten Dormady during the Orange and White game. He looked really comfortable and in control of the offense, which is half the battle.

10-10, 120 yards and 2 touchdowns was his final stat line. The game was called early due to weather, but Quentin Dormady took the clear lead in the quarterback race heading into the Summer months.