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Eagles Lane Johnson Praises Derek Barnett at OTAs

The Tennessee product is already impressing.

SiriusXM At The 2017 NFL Draft Photo by Lisa Lake/Getty Images for SiriusXM

As the Eagles roll through OTAs this summer, rookie first round pick Derek Barnett is already starting to show why he was picked so high. Tennessee fans already know this — all Barnett did was produce as a Vol, breaking Reggie White’s sack record in the process.

Barnett was picked apart in the draft process. Analysts were concerned with his athletic ability, length and upside. Eagles offensive tackle Lane Johnson is seeing why we all laughed at those concerns.

Johnson explained further about why Barnett is so effective.

Motor, bend and hands — that’s Derek Barnett. I think he landed in a perfect spot within a scheme that will maximize his talent. The Eagles will put him inside of Jim Schwartz’s 4-3 scheme, which has produced plenty of stud pass rushers over the years. He’s going to have plenty of chances to get after Eli Manning, Dak Prescott and Kirk Cousins over the next several seasons.