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The Best Tennessee Football Father-Son Legacies

Who’s the best father son duo to come through Tennessee?

Chick-Fil-A Bowl - Virginia Tech v Tennessee Photo by Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images

There’s a strong sense of family around the University of Tennessee football program. Through the years we’ve seen several father-son duos come through Knoxville — here are some of the most famous and most successful ones.

Happy Father’s Day!

Reggie and Kahlil McKenzie

Reggie — now the general manager of the Oakland Raiders — was first a linebacker for the University of Tennessee in the early 80s. He actually came back to Tennessee as an assistant under Phillip Fulmer, before starting his career on the NFL front office side. His son Kahlil is a junior defensive tackle at Tennessee and will be a huge part of the front seven in 2017. His Tennessee legacy is just beginning.

James, Eric, Evan and Elliott Berry

James Berry was a running back for Tennessee from 1978-1981. He totaled 1,721 yards and 18 touchdowns during his career. James’ best contribution to the Tennessee football program is pretty easily Eric Berry, however. Eric was an instant star in Knoxville and has become an icon in the NFL. Evan has become one of the best returners that Tennessee has ever seen, while Elliott is currently playing in a reserve role.

Todd Kelly Sr. and Todd Kelly Jr.

Kelly Sr. played for Tennessee from 1989-1992. His 11 sacks in his senior season got him drafted in the 1st round of the NFL Draft. Kelly passed the torch to his son, Todd Kelly Jr. who is currently a leader on defense for the Volunteers at safety.

Dale Carter and Nigel Warrior

Dale Carter was a Tennessee standout and NFL All-Pro, playing all the way until 2005 after being drafted in the first round in 1992. His son, Nigel Warrior, was one of the biggest recruits for Butch Jones two years ago. Warrior was limited to special teams work as a freshman, but should see increased playing time as a sophomore this year.

The punting Colquitts

Perhaps the most famous Tennessee family legacy comes from the Colquitt family. All they do is produce NFL punters. Craig Colquitt got it started in the 1970s, with Dustin and Britton following. Jimmy, Craig’s nephew, made it to the league as well. All four played at the University of Tennessee, creating an unrivaled legacy of great punters.

Fuad, Nick and Shane Reveiz

Fuad got the legacy started in the early 80s as a kicker for Tennessee. He still holds the school record for the longest field goal made at 60 yards. His sons, Nick and Shane, played linebacker for the Vols. Nick was a team captain in 09-10 while Shane played a reserve role. Fuad’s brother Carlos also kicked at Tennessee.

Daryl and Doug Dickey

Daryl played quarterback for Tennessee from 1982-1985, famously coming off the bench mid-season leading a the Vols to an SEC title and Sugar Bowl victory in 1985. His dad, Doug Dickey, led Tennessee to a 46-15-4 record as the head coach of the Vols from 1964-1969, before becoming the head coach of the Florida Gators.

Who did I leave out? I’m sure I’m missing a few. Hat tip to my buddy Todd for the historical help! Let us know who we missed in the comments.