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Phillip Fulmer is Back at Tennessee; Named Special Advisor to the University President

Good to have Phil back.

Tennessee v Vanderbilt Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Phillip Fulmer — one of the most successful football coaches in Tennessee history — is back with the university. It’ll be a little different capacity for Fulmer this time around, though.

Tennessee President Joe DiPietro announced that Fulmer would be serving in an advisory role for athletics, community and university relations. Fulmer will serve as an ambassador for the university at community and athletic events as well. Who better than Fulmer to fill that role?

“Phillip has been a tremendous asset to the University of Tennessee both on and off the field for more than 40 years,” DiPietro said. “I have enjoyed the opportunity to work with him on the UT President’s Council, and I look forward to working with him in a broader sense to advocate for the University with our key stakeholders.”

Fulmer had this to say in his statement in the release on

“This is a special opportunity for me. I’ve had the chance to work with Dr. DiPietro for a couple of years in a volunteer capacity, and I was excited when he approached me with this position,” Fulmer said. “I look forward to serving UT campuses statewide, our communities, and UT athletics for the greater good for our great state and the university.”

All of this is of course coming after Fulmer was linked to the Athletic Director job last year. That gig was given to John Currie instead, but it’s pretty clear that the university wants Fulmer involved in a big way.

And why not? He’s an asset to the entire school and has been incredibly under-utilized over the past decade. That appears to be changing, which can only be a good thing.