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Tennessee Offensive Coordiantor: Vols will go under center “probably a little bit more.”

One potential change for Tennessee’s offense.

NCAA Football: Tennessee Tech at Tennessee Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

If you’re like me at all, you’ve been driven crazy by the lack of snaps from under center since Butch Jones took over. His offense is primarily run from the gun, but there have been certain short yardage situations where simply going under center could ramp up the chances of converting on a crucial down.

New Tennessee offensive coordinator Larry Scott might just agree with us. He said on a radio interview in Knoxville that Tennessee would go under center “probably a little bit more.

"Again, looking at our team and the weaknesses and some of the strengths, it depends on that as well, but as we build it, we want to make sure we're always giving them a strong foundation that makes them NFL-ready, just as off the field we want to make them people that are better citizens and those things in the community as well. So it's a holistic approach."

It’s interesting that Scott would bring up the NFL in this spread era. It’s hard to find an NFL ready quarterback these days because of the spread offense which has taken college football by storm.

Hopefully some added balance will lead to more offensive success in a transitional year for Tennessee, personnel wise.