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Tennessee Commitments and Targets Attending Nike’s The Opening Finals

Who to look for this weekend in Oregon.

Alontae Taylor
Student Sports

The Opening is an all-star event for the top recruits in the nation. The regional rounds are finished, now we are onto the final event. “The Finals” will take place from June 28th through July 3rd. The event is held in Oregon at Nike’s headquarters. The event boasts an insane amount of top flight alumni — too many to list.

A handful of big time Tennessee targets are taking part in the event, along with Alontae Taylor, who is already committed to Tennessee. Cade Mays was invited, but won’t participate due to injury.

Onto the targets.

Probably the biggest name left on Tennessee’s board — Greg Emerson — is set to participate. The number two player in the state, second only to Cade Mays, is largely thought to be heading to Knoxville. He hasn’t made things official yet, however. Emerson is a big time defensive end prospect that would give Tennessee quite the group in the 2018 class.

Some not-so-obvious Tennessee targets participating this week include WR JaMarr Chase, DB Jaycee Horn, WR Joshua Moore, DB Al Blades, WR Tommy Bush and LB Cameron McGrone among others. You can view the full roster here.

The athletes will be tested in a variety of drills and competitions. SBNation has a really good primer on what you can expect to see. We’ll have updates here as the events unfold this weekend. Check back here daily for results and reactions.