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Booger McFarland: “I think Tennessee will be abysmal.”

Booger doesn’t believe in Tennessee.

NCAA Football: Tennessee Volunteers football practice Calvin Mattheis-USA TODAY Sports

It’s safe to say that the SEC media is off the Tennessee bandwagon. SEC Network took a look at Tennessee today before Butch Jones too the podium in Hoover. The talk was less than positive. It was led by former LSU player and current SEC Network analyst Booger McFarland. Here’s a part of what he had to say.

He did note that Butch had come a long way from where they started, but noted that he struggled keeping pace on a week to week basis. “They beat Florida and Georgia, but lost to Vanderbilt in the same year.”

Listen to the full interview here.

It’s clear Booger doesn’t think Butch is the guy.

Greg McElroy and Jordan Rodgers joined the party on set. Both pointed out the personnel changes being the primary reason why they think the Vols take a step back. McElroy didn’t think the Vols would totally tank, however. He said Tennessee would go 8-4. He also added that he doesn’t think the quarterback position will be as big of a problem as most people think.

Welcome to talking season, everyone! What do you think about Booger’s comments?