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SEC Media Days: Kirby Smart takes a jab at Butch Jones

NCAA Football: Georgia Spring Game Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

As Kirby Smart was finishing up his time at the podium, he appeared to take a shot at Tennessee head coach Butch Jones. Smart didn’t name any names, but the dots are pretty easy to connect.

Smart was asked about his 21 returning starters — which he initially laughed off.

But Smart didn’t let the opportunity slip by without taking a little bit of a shot. Smart continued by saying "we had one coach that told us we had better talent. Then he had 6 guys taken in the 1st 4 rounds and we had 1 player drafted.” This, of course, is Butch Jones — who always has his positive stats ready. This was one of his talking points yesterday.

This wasn’t the haymaker that Steve Spurrier used to throw at Tennessee every year, but it was a minor punch directed at Butch. We don’t see too much of this anymore, which is a shame. I’m not sure when or where Butch said that Georgia had more talent, maybe that was behind closed doors.

Smart also noted that his eight win season was a disappointment, just hours after Butch Jones said his nine win season was not a disappointment. Stark contrast there in attitude.

Maybe Kirby is still a little upset about the miracle Tennessee pulled off between the hedges last year. I hope he is. Rivalries are a good thing — we need more jabs like this.