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Recapping Peyton Manning’s night hosting the ESPYs

Peyton was awesome.

The 2017 ESPYS - Show Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Peyton Manning hosted the 25th annual ESPY awards last night. As you could have probably guessed, he was fantastic. Manning’s opening dialogue was filled with cracks about Ryan Lochte to Terrell Owens to Kevin Durant. Manning hit just about everything in between — even himself.

Manning went head on at the Atlanta Falcons, saying that he better tell them now because “they would probably stop paying attention three quarters of the way in.”

He also poked fun at himself, telling the crowd that the Broncos defense had to carry him to his final Super Bowl. He also mentioned how he no longer had rivals in the NFL, but rather in the insurance game.

The showstopper was Peyton’s rip at Kevin Durant, though. Durant was less than pleased.

Former rival Julian Edelman got a chance to strike back at Manning later in the night. Taking a dig at Peyton playing indoors.

Peyton did a couple of SNL style skits, too. He poked fun at his retirement life here.

And of course you have to get a glimpse of Peyton’s Super Bowl party.

Peyton was great all night long. I hope this becomes a tradition for the ESPYs — there’s just nobody better for this job. As everyone has said all along, Peyton will be great at whatever he decides to do in his post-football life. A job in TV is all his if he wants it. Heck, a job on Saturday Night Live is probably his if he wants it too.