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Tennessee Football Countdown: 7 More Mondays Until Gameday

Inching closer.

Tennessee v Florida

Just seven weeks from right now, we’ll be pre-gaming for Tennessee - Georgia Tech in Atlanta. That’s just seven more Mondays. 49 days. We can do this.

This week’s countdown number is a big one. The number seven has had a storied past at the University of Tennessee. The first — and probably the most famous — is Condredge Holloway. He wore the number seven and was the first African-American quarterback in SEC and Tennessee history. Holloway may have been a better baseball player, however. He still holds the hit streak record to this day at 29 games. He went on to play in the CFL, where he was league MVP in 1982.

Fast forwarding to 1999, Deon Grant wore the number and was named an All-American. Grant was a leader on Tennessee’s defense during that special era, notching nine picks in 1999 alone.

After Grant it was Casey Clausen, who put a really nice stretch of football from his freshman to senior seasons. Not many quarterbacks can say they did that. Clausen ushered in the new millennium for Tennessee football, but never could get over the hump. Unfortunately for Casey he will be linked to that 2001 SEC Championship game that Tennessee blew to LSU. A win would have placed Tennessee in the BCS National Title game against perhaps the greatest college team of all time, the 2001 Miami Hurricanes.

Clausen finished his career with a 34-10 mark, including going 14-1 on the road — which is just insane. He’s one of the more underrated Vols of all time.

After Clausen it was Brent Schaeffer, who was eventually beaten out by Erik Ainge. Then it was Jerrod Mayo, who had a brilliant career in college and for the New England Patriots.

Rashad Gaulden will wear the number for Tennessee this season, looking to further the tradition of the No. 7 at Tennessee.