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Butch Jones Responds to Finebaum, Finebaum backs off his Criticism of Jones

The two have made nice once again.

Goodyear Cotton Bowl - Alabama v Michigan State Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images

You may remember, Butch Jones got ripped for saying he wasn’t disappointed with Tennessee’s 9-4 season last year. Paul Finebaum was one of those that had some harsh words for the Tennessee head man.

Yesterday, Butch got a chance to respond during his ESPN “carwash.”

"Paul hasn't played one snap of football for the University of Tennessee. Our expectations are to win championships. That's the next evolution of our football program."

That’s about as candid and standoffish as you’ll ever see Butch Jones. I was surprised he even offered that comment.

Butch appeared on Finebaum’s radio show on Monday, where Paul backed off of his comments and criticisms of the Tennessee football leader.

“If you look at the progression of this program Coach, it has come a long way. I listened to you this morning and that stat about back to back 9 wins seasons, 1st time in nine years and you are only behind Alabama, and I must admit, even though I heard that, until I heard you say it, I’m not sure I really paid close attention to it.”

Jones went on to talk about his 5-0 start, achievements with APR and his usual standard talking points. Butch is the king of positive spin. He can turn just about anything into a stat and spin it as progress. But until he wins the East, he’s going to have to deal with moments just like this.