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What is the one Tennessee sports moment you would change the outcome of?

I know what my vote would be.

SEC Championship Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

A random tweet from someone you don’t even follow can generate a lot of thought in a lot of different directions. It’s one of the main reasons Twitter is unique and fun, even on a random Wednesday morning.

Like this tweet from @DunlapSports. Tennessee fans are certainly no stranger to heartbreak. But what if you could change that outcome? What event would you change?

You guys immediately jumped on the 2001 SEC Championship, which was my first thought.

If the Vols win this one — which they should have, they were favored by a touchdown — they have a date with the Miami Hurricanes in the national championship. The very sight of Matt Mauk or that LSU #18 jersey makes me sick.

Several of you went a different route, however.

The Derek Dooley hire didn’t immediately jump out to me because it wasn’t an on the field sports moment, but I certainly understand. The Dooley hire was odd from the start with his subpar record at Louisiana Tech. I mean, who gets a promotion after going 4-8?

I’ll nominate this heartbreaker from 2010.

Tennessee was a couple of points away from heading to the final four, which turned out to be the only thing missing from Bruce Pearl’s tenure at Tennessee. Scotty Hopson couldn’t hit the final free throw, which ended up giving Michigan State the one point advantage they needed.

Tennessee would have gone on to face Butler for a trip to the National Championship against Duke. It was such a painful way to end things for that special group.

Anyways, what Tennessee sports moment would you change? We have plenty of options to choose from. Let us know!