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Sportsbook Lists Derek Dooley as a favorite to replace Hugh Freeze at Ole Miss

No, really.

NFL: Preseason-Dallas Cowboys at San Diego Chargers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

This is almost unbelievable. — a popular online sportsbook — has released the odds for the next Ole Miss head football coach. There’s just one problem. Derek Dooley is number two on the list. (To view, click sports, then find CFB futures)

If you want to bet on Derek Dooley being the next coach of the Ole Miss Rebels, you’d only get a payout of 5-1. Five to one!!!!!

Derek Dooley’s career head coaching record is 32-41.

Five to one odds.

We’re talking about a guy that got his shot at Tennessee after going 4-8 the year before at Louisiana Tech. It was doomed from the start. Dooley actually put together a nice roster at one point, but they of course blew it — going 5-7 with perhaps one of the most talented offensive units in the country.

Dooley somehow managed to get worse every year he was at Tennessee. He got to a bowl game during his first season, losing in unreal fashion against North Carolina. That was the same year he blew the game against LSU with 15 men on the field.

Dooley went from six, to five, to four wins at Tennessee before he was fired. Tennessee went on to win their fifth game of the 2012 season without him against Kentucky. (Sidenote: Dooley is the only UT coach to lose to Kentucky since the 1980s.)

So I’d love to know, where is the Dooley love coming from? He’s been in Dallas cashing checks as a receivers coach for the past couple of seasons. I’m not sure I’d leave that gig for Ole Miss — but better yet, why would Ole Miss want Dooley?

This is outrageous. Maybe the odds makers have some inside information here. The only guy ahead of him is SMU head coach Chad Morris. When the news broke I immediately thought of Mike Norvell, but even he has longer odds at 10-1.

Someone explain this one to me.