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More Milk Toast: Vols QB Battle Sees No End

Recent Comments From Quinten Dormady and Jarrett Guarantano Break No New Ground In Quarterback Race

NCAA Football: Tennessee Tech at Tennessee
Who Will Take The Reigns At Quarterback For The Vols?
Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

I know, I know, it's only been one day into fall camp. But dammit, I want to hear some progress!

Ok, calm down, breathe. Get back to your senses.


As we all know, the Vols currently have one of the most intriguing quarterback competitions they've had in quite a while. An all-time great has the left the position up for grabs, and so far, it seems that no one is willing to take the job.

Or at least appear to be willing to take it.

The top-secret quartet of Butch Jones, Mike Canales, Quinten Dormady, and Jarrett Guarantano have done a Manhattan Project-type job of keeping a lid on the progress of the battle for the most important position on the field.

Jones and Canales have both stated multiple times that they are willing to run a dual-quarterback system and how both players have been impressive in their own regard.


Now, Dormady and Guarantano are adding to the pot of confusion and deviation.

Recent comments from both quarterbacks seem like they have been reading from the Book of Butch: stay in the lines while coloring, and only offer up to what is being asked.

Dormady, who hasn't split starting reps since middle school (that should be a red flag to this experiment, maybe?), had this to say about the possibility of a dual system:

"It's an open competition,'' he said. "Everybody knows that.'' - Quinten Dormady, via,

Gee, thanks Quinten. Now, we know that there is an open competition for the quarterback spot. Let's try Guarantano and see what he had to say:

"No sir (I've never played in a dual-system),'' he said, "but I'm willing to, whatever happens.'' - Jarrett Guarantano, via

Well there ya have it, folks. It looks like the latest update is that a) there is an open quarterback competition and b) both players are willing to participate in a dual-qb system.

Wait! Hold On! Maybe we can gain some clarity from Coach Jones.

"Lot of work still to do,'' Jones said, "which you would expect."

"Also, I'm excited because I thought our receivers did some good things. I liked what the quarterbacks did. Their progressions, you could tell they were quicker.

"Their decision-making process was much better, but again we don't have the pads on. You get a live rush coming at you, some things change.'' - Butch Jones, via

Did I mention there was a lot of misdirection here?

There are two takeaways from this and both are not very positive: Either everyone is simply keeping wraps on this story due to a false sense of strategic planning, which only gives an advantage until Week 1 - or neither quarterback has done enough to distance themselves, which at this point is very concerning.

The latest, legitimate update we received on both players was the spring game, in which Dormady looked miles ahead of Guarantano. After the solid performance, the popular belief was that this is Dormady's job to lose.

NCAA Football: Tennessee Tech at Tennessee
Quinten Dormady Should Be Able To Win The Job
Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

However, the secrecy and the lack of an established presence from either player may start to raise eyebrows if there isn't some serious headway made in the next week or so.

No one really wants a dual-qb system, either. Most teams that opt to go that route have middling success, at best. The closest thing to even resemble a championship dual-quarterback system was Florida in 2006 - and that barely even qualifies.

The indecision here also sets up a bad scenario for Jones if Tennessee underwhelms in 2017. If UT loses a couple of winnable games based off of bad quarterback play, you better believe fans and critics will use this as more evidence that Jones is an inept coach.

The Vols also need another leader on offense to go with Jauan Jennings and John Kelly. Both players are well respected and established, but the ball isn't going to be in their hands during every play.

The last thing UT needs is an experiment at the most important position during an absolutely critical season. I firmly believe we will have an answer before September 4th.


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