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Alvin Kamara is already drawing rave reviews in Saints Training Camp

Kamara is already proving his worth.

NFL: New Orleans Saints-Training Camp Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The reviews on former Tennessee running back Alvin Kamara have been glowing so far. Kamara is taking part in Saints training camp and making plenty of positive impressions. Veteran Adrian Peterson is in his first year with the team, but he’s taking notice of the first year back.

“He has a lot of talent.. so much talent. Really quick feet, great vision, great patience — all three of those things.” Peterson went on, saying, “His route running ability, you know, it’s crisp. He’s picking things up quickly. He’s nice — he’s going to be a heck of a ball player.”

These things aren’t anything new to us up here in Tennessee. Kamara was nothing short of brilliant in his final season as a Volunteer. A lot would argue that he was underutilized in his time here, which I would agree with. Hindsight is 20-20, but it’s hard to look back and see just over 200 carries on the stat sheet for Kamara’s career.

Saints head coach Sean Payton got in on the praise for Kamara as well, dropping a big comparison for Kamara.

"There's some traits that Kamara has that remind me (of Marshall Faulk) in regards to his intelligence, his ability to run routes."

That intelligence was apparently what sold the Saints on Kamara as a player. Payton continued to say this.

"It was real evident in the first half hour of how smart he was," Payton said. "He was in with the quarterbacks, he understood schemes, he understood route reads, concepts. And even on the field, it was impressive. It would be something that would be difficult to know if you were just looking at a test."

You can read Payton’s full glowing review here on

Kamara will have to battle for time behind Peterson and Mark Ingram, but his ability in the passing game should help him see the field early on. I’m betting he gets plenty of passing down work, which should be a lot of fun with Drew Brees running the show.