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WATCH: Peyton Manning speaks to the Tennessee Football team before a scrimmage

Peyton returned to Knoxville last night.

Tennessee Titans v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Former quarterback for the Tennessee Volunteers and NFL superstar Peyton Manning dropped by to address the team before their scrimmage at Neyland Stadium, which was closed to all media.

The Tennessee Football twitter account captured the moment.

Manning has made a habit of visiting Knoxville since Butch Jones took over. He can be seen on campus pretty regularly these days following his retirement. The staff and university have clearly embraced Manning, which is awesome to see. There’s not a better guy to have on your side.

Peyton wrapped up his comments by saying “I got your back,” and “I’ll see you in Atlanta.” I know every Tennessee fan would love to have him on staff at some capacity with the program, but it’s cool to see him so involved — simply because he wants to be.