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Tennessee cornerback Shaq Wiggins is dealing with a hip injury

He’s missed the last few days of practice.

NCAA Football: Tennessee Practice Knoxville News Sentinel-USA TODAY NETWORK

It’s been awfully quiet on the Shaq Wiggins front throughout camp. Wiggins — a graduate transfer who has spent time with both Georgia and Louisville — was thought to be a potential starter and an answer in the Tennessee secondary. But to this point, we’ve heard the coaches praising freshmen Shawn Shamburger and Cheyenne Labruzza and virtually nothing on Wiggins.

We may have just figured out why, though.

Tennessee head coach Butch Jones said yesterday that Wiggins has been dealing with a hip injury. Jones said that Wiggins has tried to practice, but hasn’t been able to for “a number a days.”

Jones noted that today is the player’s day off, so maybe that’s what Wiggins needs to get back out there. It sounded like Butch was hinting at that. “He’s been doing a great job with treatments, but we need him back out there,” Jones said.

Emmanuel Moseley and Justin Martin are your likely starters on the outside for Tennessee. That’s not to say that Wiggins can’t crack the starting lineup eventually, but his progress has clearly been slowed.

We’ll see where he stacks up against guys like Shamburger and Labruzza once he’s healthy, but having a guy with the experience he has off the bench isn’t the worst thing in the world. We’ll keep an eye on this situation going forward.