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Tennessee’s Walt Wells Understands His Unit Is Crucial To Teams Success

The Offensive Line Coach says he wants his unit to be the team’s “bell cow” in 2017.


It is common knowledge that the success of an offense typically depends on the ability of an offense line.

Tennessee Offensive Line coach Walt Wells, who is entering his first season as a position coach, understands that for the Vols to be successful on the offensive side of the ball in 2017, his linemen are going to have to be reliable.

In a video posted on the official Tennessee football twitter account on Tuesday morning, Wells reiterated the importance of his position group. “We’re looking forward to them being the bell cow for us. Up front in this league, you’ve got to be strong and you’ve got to be good.”

It is a fact that in the SEC, having an offensive line to stand up against some of the most talented and strongest defenses in the country is crucial to any team’s chances of winning games in this league.

While the Vols OL has taken some hits due to injury this offseason, they are set to return one of the more experienced lines in the country in 2017. They played an important role during the 2016 season as Tennessee’s offense finished second in the league scoring, averaging over 36 points per game and fourth in total offense with 443.69 yards per game.

With so many skill position players to replace, it is paramount that the Vols’ offensive line performs well as a unit. Especially with two new quarterbacks in the system.