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Report: Tennessee receiver Josh Smith has a shoulder sprain

Relatively good news for Smith, who was feared to have a broken collarbone.

NCAA Football: Tennessee Volunteers Practice Calvin Mattheis-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Volunteers suffered a blow to their receiver depth earlier this week with what was initially reported as a broken collarbone for senior Josh Smith. Jimmy Hyams reported that the injury would sideline him for 4-8 weeks.

Now Hyams is reporting that Smith has a shoulder sprain.

That’s obviously a win for Smith and Tennessee. He underwent a CT scan and found that he didn’t suffer a broken bone at all.

Smith hasn’t produced big numbers for the Vols over the years, but he was one of the lone upperclassmen at receiver with experience. Tennessee is going to have to rely on a couple of unproven freshmen to get through Georgia Tech and Indiana State, at least.

Getting Smith back before a trip to the swamp would obviously be a boost to the Tennessee offense. Hopefully by then the Volunteers will have solved their mystery at quarterback — adding a guy like Smith with so many years in the system can only help.