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How to get involved in the RTT community: Fanposts, guidelines and more

Now is a good time for a refresher.

NCAA Football: Oklahoma at Tennessee Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

One of our goals for this football season is to grow as a community. SBNation’s layout gives everyone the opportunity to have a voice. You should be taking advantage of that! With football season about to begin, let’s get you back up to speed (or introduce you) to how you can get involved.

Create an account

First things first, create an account. You’ll see the icon at the top right of the homepage. It’s just like any other process. You will be asked to create a username and password. When logging in you’ll be asked to complete a “two-factor authentication” process. The easiest way to do this is to download the Google Authenticator app. It will generate six digits for you to type in.

From there you can join the conversation!


The primary function of becoming a member is having the ability to take part in the comments. In many cases, the comment section serves as a forum of sorts. It’s a way to connect with other fans and agree or disagree (respectfully) with the writers. Trust me — we are going to disagree. That’s part of the fun of all of this. Let’s just be cool about it.

There are a few rules, but generally as long as you’re respectful you have nothing to worry about. You can read the full guidelines here.


Ever wanted to try your hand at writing a legitimate post? Don’t have the medium to do so? Well now you do. Our fanpost section is literally an open invitation to blog about the Tennessee Volunteers. No job interview, no writing samples needed — just an open page for you to fill up.

To start a FanPost, go to the main header at the top and simply click FanPosts. You’ll see the “new FanPost” button on the left side of your screen. From there you’ll be all set to go.

Some of you may want to get something off your chest. Some of you may have dreams of becoming a sports writer one day. Either way, THIS IS THE PLACE TO START!

The bulk of contributors on the SBNation network have been found this way. Just last month we brought Noah Taylor up to the big leagues from his FanPosts. It’s a fantastic way to get to know myself and others in the community.

If you have any questions, reach out! You can always get me on twitter (@TLambertFB) or by email ( This is our first year running the site after taking over this summer, so bear with us as we figure out the best formula going forward.

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter (@RockyTopTalk) and like us on FaceBook for even more involvement. Let’s have a fun and successful football season, y’all. We’ll have no shortage of things to talk about.

As always, go Vols!