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Butch Jones on QB Battle: “They may compete all the way through pregame warm-ups.”

Coach Jones isn’t budging on naming a starter.

NCAA Football: Tennessee Practice Knoxville News Sentinel-USA TODAY NETWORK

We got our first look at the Tennessee depth chart today, which of course listed Quinten Dormady OR Jarrett Guarantano as the starting quarterback. I don’t think many of us expected any sort of answer today on the quarterback race, simply because of gamesmanship.

He has no reason to name a starter until the first drive against Georgia Tech.

When he was asked the inevitable question, Butch held firm to what he’s been saying all along. “I want them competing. They may compete all the way through pre-game warm-ups. I think that’s healthy,” Jones said.

“They’ve done a really good job in their game week preparation,” Jones continued. He finished up the question by saying, “I guess we’ll know on gameday.”

He’s not going to give us anything at this point.

Jones did note that he though both Guarantano and Dormady were worthy of playing. “They’re very deserving, they’ve worked exceptionally hard. But I think it’s more — what particular theme — the flow of the game — which individual give you the best opportunity against this particular opponent. We have great confidence in both young men.”

He noted how Georgia Tech plays, running the ball and controlling the clock, as a factor in his decision. As expected, it doesn’t sound like we are going to get a formal announcement. You still kind of get the feeling that both guys will play, but Jones isn’t ready to say who plays first.