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Tennessee Football News: “Ty — he’s going to be a good one”


NCAA Football: Tennessee Practice Knoxville News Sentinel-USA TODAY NETWORK

One month from right now, we’ll be getting set to watch the Volunteers take on the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets in Atlanta. With 31 days left, let’s take a look at some links you may have missed.

Saturdays Down South took a stroll through five different scenarios for Tennessee. Five of which could create a dream season, five of which could create a nightmare. I agree with most of these and the “disaster” scenarios highlight some of my big concerns with this roster.

One of the leaders on this team and someone that will have a lot to do with that win/loss record is John Kelly. Kelly spoke to the media on Wednesday about Ty Chandler. We’ve all speculated about Chandler’s role, but we’ve yet to have an substance to dive into.

Kelly is a big believer though. He told the media, “Ty — he’s going to be good. He’s a work in progress, definitely. He’ just learning the offense.” Kelly mentioned how he’s just trying to set an example for the younger backs.

Finally, John Adams took a look at Tennessee’s schedule and how it actually seems favorable on paper. The more and more I look at it, the more I agree. I’ll do a full post on this later, but it’s a far cry from the Florida-Georgia-A&M-Alabama gauntlet that the Volunteers had to run through last season.

Happy Friday, y’all.