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Cowherd Unloads on Tennessee Head Coach Butch Jones, Says he Could be the First Coach Fired in 2017

Cowherd isn’t a fan of Butch Jones.

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Colin Cowherd is no stranger to making headlines and bold statements about the SEC. Lately, his focus has been on Tennessee head coach Butch Jones. That didn’t change yesterday.

The Fox Sports host read a list of coaches that could be fired first, released from a sportsbook in Vegas. Jim Mora of UCLA was ranked first, but Cowherd scoffed at that notion, citing the loss of Josh Rosen last year as to why the Bruins struggled.

“First of all, if there is a hot seat the guy at Tennessee — Butch Jones — should be the leader in the clubhouse at 2-1. Forget 9-1, 2-1. They play Georgia Tech and Florida in the first three weeks. He loses one he could be fired, two he’s done. He’ll be fired by week three (if he loses 2 of 3).”

Cowherd notes that the Pac 12 atmosphere is nothing like the SEC. He thinks the pressure of coaching in the south is absolutely more than that of coaching out west. He’s right there. Life revolves around SEC football down here, you can’t say that really about any other region in the country. Colin actually dropped an “it just means more” comment, which has become the SEC’s slogan.

After Cowherd’s defense of Mora, he unloaded on Butch Jones. He said, “Let’s show the guy on the hot seat, Butch Jones is on the hot seat.” This image appeared.

Fox Sports/The Herd

“That’s what his office looks like right now. They have to have fire retardant walls, because he’s literally on a chair that’s burning,” Cowherd said.

I hit the highlights, but you can listen to the full segment here.

This isn’t the first time Cowherd has gone after Butch Jones, either. During a segment of where Chip Kelly should coach next, Colin mentioned Tennessee as a “gold standard job” and a potential landing spot for Kelly. He also called Butch a gym teacher.

It’s clear that Cowherd isn’t a believer in Butch, but he believes that Tennessee is a top job in the country. Is Butch’s seat on fire? No. He needs to get to eight wins this year to be totally safe, but outside of a total collapse, Jones is going to be Tennessee’s coach in 2018.

There’s one way that Butch can silence all his doubters. It’s pretty simple — win. He has a chance to show off his program on a national stage on September 4th against the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. A convincing win there along with a win over the Florida Gators in the swamp would go a long way towards ending this conversation.