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College Football: USA Today Projects Final 2017 Records of SEC Teams

A look at how the SEC could play out.

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NCAA Football: Tennessee Practice Knoxville News Sentinel-USA TODAY NETWORK

Another day, another media outlet projecting the Tennessee Volunteers to go 8-4. This time it’s USA Today Sports. They actually projected the final records of all 130 FBS division teams, but we’ll just focus on the SEC.

First things first. Tennessee was projected with an 8-4 effort, going 4-4 in the SEC. That means likely losing contests to rivals Florida, Georgia and Alabama with another conference loss along the way. LSU is the most likely after those three. This is nothing outrageous or bold. It’s right in line with what just about every Tennessee fan is thinking. Vegas has the over/under set at 7.5, for reference.

The interesting thing is that USA Today projects both Georgia and Florida to join Tennessee at 8-4, but says they’ll go 6-2 in conference play. This meaning that the fate of the SEC East will likely be determined in Jacksonville, Florida. USA Today has Georgia representing the East in Atlanta.

This projection sees Missouri improve to 7-5, South Carolina staying put at 6-6 while Vanderbilt and Kentucky take steps back to 5-7.

Of course they have Alabama winning the SEC West. LSU checks in at 10-2 with Auburn behind them at 8-4. A logjam behind Auburn shakes out with Arkansas and Texas A&M at 7-5. Ole Miss and Mississippi State come out to 6-6.

All in all, nothing too bold here. With the pressure being off of the Volunteers, can they capitalize while lurking in the weeds? We’re just a few weeks away from finding out.

You can see USA Today’s full 130 team projection here.