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Tennessee Drops Out of Latest Polls Following Heartbreaking Loss

The Vols exit the top 25 following their 26-20 loss to Florida on Saturday.

Gainesville Sun

The latest AP and Coaches Polls were released on Sunday afternoon and feature some major shake ups following a wild week 3 that saw upsets, heartbreak, and some clarity.
As far as Tennessee is concerned, anytime a team is ranked anywhere between 20 and 25, they are left with little to no room for error. On Saturday, the Vols entered the Swamp ranked 23rd in both the AP and Coaches Poll, but following a heartbreaking defeat at the hands of 24th ranked Florida, Tennessee was left on the outside looking in on Sunday.

Fortunately for Butch Jones’ team they will face 0-3 UMass on Saturday with a chance to improve to 3-1 on the season. While a win may not effect their ranking, it will come a week before 11th ranked Georgia comes to Knoxville in what will be a very important match up as far as the SEC East is concerned. For now the Vols will enter week 4 unranked for the first time since week 10 of the 2016 season after a loss South Carolina.

Here is how the week 4 AP and Coaches Poll’s look heading into week 4:

AP Poll
1 Alabama (45)
2 Clemson (15)
3 Oklahoma (1)
4 Penn State
6 Oklahoma St
7 Washington
8 Michigan
9 Wisconsin
10 Ohio St
11 Georgia
12 Florida St
13 Virginia Tech
14 Miami
15 Auburn
16 TCU
17 Mississippi St
18 Washington St
19 Louisville
20 Florida
21 South Florida
22 San Diego St
23 Utah
24 Oregon
25 LSU

USA Today Coaches Poll

1 Alabama (59)
2 Clemson (6)
3 Oklahoma
4 Penn State
6 Washington
7 Oklahoma St
8 Michigan
9 Ohio St
10 Wisconsin
11 Florida St
12 Georgia
13 Virginia Tech
14 Miami
15 TCU
16 Auburn
17 South Florida
18 Washington St
19 Mississippi St
20 Louisville
21 Utah
22 Florida
23 LSU
24 Oregon
25 San Diego St