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Jayson Swain talks Butch Jones on Finebaum: “It’s year five.”

Swain spit out a lot of truths today.

Auburn Tigers v Tennessee Volunteers Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Jayson Swain, former Tennessee receiver and host of the Swain Event, appeared on Finebaum this afternoon. He talked about Butch Jones and his shortcomings, excuses and more. Swain didn’t hold back.

Listen to the whole segment here.

Swain hit the nail on the head here five or six different times. Here are the highlights.

Finebaum asked Swain to give him his feeling on the fanbase right now. “They’re not happy right now. They have every right to be not happy. Tennessee — for the last four years, five years has been building. Tennessee fans want to see Tennessee take that next step. They’ve been patient, they want to see results,” Swain began.

“Last week was a disappointment,” Swain continued. “Nine players suspended for Florida, opportunity right there on the table for Tennessee and came up a little bit short.”

Finebaum then asked Swain about whether or not he bought into the argument that Tennessee is still digging out of a mess that Derek Dooley left. Swain was blunt, “It’s year five. In the last nine SEC games, Coach Jones is 4-5. Vanderbilt, South Carolina last year — Tennessee fans are knowledgable and they want to see results.”

“If you’re a Tennessee football program that’s top ten in wins, you don’t care if you’re playing 3 games in 13 days or 2 games in 1 day. We’ll play you on your field, my field, it doesn’t matter.” Swain was responding to comments made by Mike Griffith that blamed former Tennessee AD Dave Hart for the Georgia Tech game being scheduled.

Finebaum then asked Swain about expectations, which have been a hot topic when discussing Butch Jones. “Coach Fulmer let it be known that the first goal was to win a national championship. That’s what we’re doing this for. There’s a couple of different things that we gotta do to get there. The first thing we gotta do is win the east. It’s unrealistic to expect to win the national or SEC championship every year, but if you’re not competing, then why are you even doing it?”

“I think for Vol Nation, they’re just tired of the excuses. Just go do it. Just get it done.”

“8-4 is not what we set out to do, it’s to win a championship. It’s to win as many games as possible. It’s okay to be disappointed when you go 8-4, 9-3. I’ve had the luxury of talking to former players and they would tell me how down they were about going 10-2. They wouldn’t dare walk around with a TaxSlayer Bowl ring on. That’s not the standard here,” Swain finished.

What did you think of Swain’s comments?