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WATCH: College Gameday Crew Critical of Tennessee’s Butch Jones

Butch just made everything worse this week.

NCAA Football: Massachusetts at Tennessee Knoxville News Sentinel-USA TODAY NETWORK

Man oh man.

The Tennessee Volunteers are once again in the national spotlight, but not for any reason any of us want. Butch Jones’ mid-week rant was the subject of a College Gameday segment this morning. They didn’t hold back.

Watch Rece Davis take some jabs here.

Notice the “Shy” and “Warrior” comment in reference to the rumored fight. Davis also calls out Butch for appearing to start to tell the media about the fight, but then changing course on a dime.

Desmond Howard had the most accurate comment of the day.

“You said he’s done a good job — this is Tennessee. He needs to do a great job.” I think that’s how a lot of us feel now in year five. Howard went on to rip Jones for his press conference comments on Monday.

What do you think? Were the comments from the gameday crew fair? Join the conversation below.