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Tennessee - Indiana State: Butch Jones Updates The Injury Report

A quick look at some potential injuries for Saturday's game.

NCAA Football: Tennessee at Georgia Tech
Jones spoke to the media today concerning the health of some of his players.
Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Butch Jones met with the media today and gave a couple of updates on the health of his team.

  • Jones made it clear that right tackle Marcus Tatum is out for Saturday's game and did not specify why.
  • Wide receivers Tyler Byrd, Latrell Williams, and Josh Smith are currently in evaluation mode and are questionable. The team has until tomorrow to determine whether or not they can play.
  • Offensive lineman Nathan Niehaus will be available.
  • Coleman Thomas and Jack Jones will both be available at the third tackle spot in case of injuries.

Jones also said that the recovery process from Monday night's game has been challenging, but it is going very well and he has been more than pleased with how his players have responded to the process.

Everything has gone so well in fact, the Vols will be able to continue with their usual Friday practice routine.