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Bracketology: Tennessee holds firm in latest NCAA Tournament projection

No worries here.

NCAA Basketball: Tennessee at Vanderbilt Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

After a week where it appeared Tennessee would be slipping a bit in the national spotlight, the Vols have responded with a big home win against Kentucky, along with an always tough road win at Vanderbilt. Those two wins seem to have stabilized the ground Tennessee gave up with losses to Arkansas and Auburn.

That much was reflected in Joe Lunardi’s latest NCAA Tournament projections for ESPN. Tennessee held steady as a No. 5 seed, matching up with their top 25 ranking in the polls.

The SEC has eight teams in this projection, with Alabama landing in the first four out. If there’s any doubt about the conference’s depth this year, this should fix that.

Kentucky: 4

Tennessee: 5

Auburn: 5

Florida: 7

Texas A&M: 7

Arkansas: 7

Georgia: 11

Missouri: 11

Back to Tennessee. Their RPI took a hit this week after playing Vandy, but they still check in strongly at 14th overall. Kenpom has them in the exact same slot. With Florida State and Clemson going down already this week, Tennessee could bump up a few spots in the polls, too.

First things first, they’re going to have to handle a desperate Texas A&M squad who just dropped to 0-4 in SEC play on Saturday in Knoxville.