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Tennessee Recruiting: Jeremy Pruitt makes in-home visit with five star cornerback Olaijah Griffin

One final push.

Student Sports

In the final days of the 2018 recruiting cycle, Jeremy Pruitt is doing everything he can to finish strong. That includes taking a trip out to California to see five star cornerback Olaijah Griffin. Terry Fair and Brian Niedermeyer joined him on the visit to Mission Viejo, which is just south of Anaheim.

Griffin posted this picture to cap his visit late last night.

Griffin was bumped up to a five star prospect last week in 247Sports’ new rankings. The 6-0 cornerback lands at No. 25 overall in the 2018 class.

Tennessee needs him badly, too. They’re looking to replace just about their entire cornerback depth chart in the first year of the Jeremy Pruitt era. They’re after Griffin, along with five star Isaac Taylor-Stuart. They’ve put in a good amount of work on three star Eddie Smith too, trying to wrestle him away from Alabama.

Griffin took a visit to USC on January 12th. Since then the crystal ball projections have been coming in hot and heavy for the Trojans. It seems like it’s down to a two horse race here. Maybe Pruitt’s visit last night was enough to tip the scale’s in Tennessee’s favor.